Kennections Installations is a solution-oriented, business-to-business company that provides innovative efficiency systems to a plethora of businesses and government agencies. Headquartered in Atlanta, our skilled team has over 20 years of experience in the world of commercial installation.

What We Do

Reducing your business’ operating costs is our mission. We implement inventive, practical solutions that efficiently and effectively manage your organization’s priceless resources. Consequently, our work allows you to create an enhanced environment in which your employees can
serve your customers quickly and with excellence.

Whether it is providing ergonomic solutions to enhance productivity, optimizing facility floor space or improving employee morale to promote industry leadership, you can count on KENNECTION to assist.

How We Work

Our knowledgeable sales representatives work closely with your team to create the vision of your ideal office space and bring that image to life. Once you place an order, our project coordinators will manage and synchronize the delivery and installation of your project. Next, our team of certified, factory-trained technicians will install the equipment and leave your area in work ready condition.

We have five divisions to best serve you:
Commercial Office Division: Who provide a host of state-of-the-art solutions to save space and enhance efficiency in your office.

Modular Casework Division: Who offer laminate, metal, and stainless steel alternatives to built-in furniture, cabinets, and millwork that can be reused, moved, and re-purposed.

  • Architectural Interiors Division  Who offer demountable walls, modular walls, and glass walls in addition to other office specialties to improve overall company proficiency.

Industries We Serve

A surplus of industries falls under our huge service umbrella. Interior design, general contracting, government agencies, education institutions, healthcare, public safety, museums, libraries, military, manufacturing, automotive, and industrial warehouses all contract KENNECTIONS frequently. As industries change, we adapt our offers to ensure that your organization has the most original and high-tech solutions available.

Our History

Our story began as Kennections in Atlanta, GA. with one goal in mind: To become the very best Installation company of Demountable Wall Systems in the Southeastern United States and expand all the way down the Atlantic Coast.

About Us